Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Challenge


Today I began a new project.  It’s an art project and Art is something I struggle with.  I have begun many art projects and they become stuck, delayed, postponed because of my lack of confidence in this area.  I have two younger sisters – the youngest of us was ‘the musical one’ and was allowed to learn piano.  The middle of us was ‘the arty one’ and was presented with paper, pens and colouring books.  I’m not sure what I was but whatever, I grew up believing that art was not for me.  Over the past weeks, I’ve become acquainted with a number of artists through my facebook page – Julie Gibbons, Effy Wild and Tamara Laporte to name but a few – and a recent reference by Julie led me to a website where the lovely Tammy is running a new challenge – ICAD (Index Card A Day).  The challenge being: to decorate an index card every day throughout the months of June and July.  That means 61 days and 61 cards.

So, with the limited amount of art experience I have (and the very helpful tips from the wonderful aforementioned artists) I have decided to take up this challenge and I plan to share my adventure here with you.

I got up this morning and dove to the drawer where I was sure we had a supply of index cards – and lo and behold, nothing!  Fortunately a trip to the shops was on the cards today so a supply was acquired and this afternoon I began.  The sun was streaming into the dining room and so I was inspired to do something bright and cheerful – a rainbow (how cool was it that when I checked out the website, this is the theme for the week?)  Watercolours topped with twinkling H2Os for a bit of sparkle, a couple of sunny flowers and mainly the date marking the beginning.  Not bad for a first go right?

I have put the image up on my flickr page ( and shared on Facebook.
If any of you is interested in joining in the challenge or finding out more, click on the link to take you to Tammy’s page - Daisy Yellow Art - Index Card A Day  Looking forward to seeing everyone’s artwork!

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