Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunshine on a Sunny Day 2

Sunshine on a Sunny Day, MoFest 2012, Sunday

Awesome Daughter Number Three!

 Another stunning day!  Dressed for the summer and, minus awesome daughter number three again (she had better things to do, like go to the beach), off we headed to take in some fantastic musical offerings.  First stop the Rock Star bar, where we were to be initiated into the delights that are Medicine Well – very rock, quite heavy, not very sure if it’s my cup of tea!  However, I was pleasantly surprised – for heavy rock music it was uncharacteristically tuneful and the crowd were great – the hour long set passed in, what seemed like, a much shorter time!  Well done guys! 

Medicine Well (Photo Courtesy of Wendy Adie)

A quick stop for a bite to eat and on to see Burlesque at the Yard.  Very hot, dark and crowded.  Once I’d heard a couple of notes and prised my feet off the incredibly sticky floor we left and headed down the road to the Anchor Bar.  Much quieter (until the music started), much cooler and without the sticky floor, much more inviting.  We were here to listen to Blues Deluxe.  Tech guy wasn’t sure if I’d like them (the blues that is), but once I got used to the decibel level (turn the volume down guys – it’s just a small pub!!!) I really enjoyed them.

Next stop The George Hotel for Heidrum – a folk group from Montrose – and a very welcome bowl of chips!  Clearly very popular (the band, not the chips), the crowds were out in numbers for these guys.  We were lucky to get a seat next to some friends and settled in for a fantastic set.  All the favourites came out – Loch Lomond, Wild Rover, 500 Miles and much dancing and singing were participated in!

Heidrum (photo courtesy of Heidrum)
It was seven o’clock by now and the last of our groups for the day at the Lochside Bar, F&3G’s.  Four guys who do cover versions of rock tracks.  Another rousing session of singing, dancing and a very individual performance by our very own Gordon Allan.

Apart from Medicine Well, all the bands performed two-hour long sets – it was like watching four full-length concerts back to back!  The effort these guys go to is amazing – especially considering that some of the groups had played two and three times over the two main days of the festival and some of the guys were in more than one band!

My highlight of the day was Heidrum, but the whole weekend of music was just incredible.  The organisers (a completely new committee this year) did a spectacular job of co-ordinating everything and of recruiting some amazing bands.  And so, I’d like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone involved.

As you may be aware, this is a fairly new blog and my intention is to have a Monday post which expressed Gratitude, and in this spirit, I’d just like to say that today I am grateful for having the opportunity to spend this weekend with my wonderful Tech Guy and for the experience of MoFest!  Roll on the next one!

If All Else Fails (Photo courtesy of If All Else Fails)
 Oh, and I got a telling off because Tech Guy went off to watch If All Else Fails on Saturday – really enjoyed their live performance – and I didn’t mention them in my Saturday post – so, sorry guys!

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